Halkin Group is a diversified investment holdings company based in Nairobi and London. Our activities are broad and our industry coverage consists of Architecture & Design, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Export, Energy, Real Estate and Infrastructure and Travel. 

Halkin Group is primarily headquartered in London and Nairobi. Our Nairobi office serves as our African Desk that executes our strategy throughout the continent. Our London office is responsible for formulating and directing overall group strategy and provides a range of services for the group and its subsidiaries. In addition to our Nairobi and London offices our subsidiaries have offices in Moscow, Zaragoza, Geneva, New York, Singapore, Athens and Milan. These offices serve our subsidiaries; Halkin Unmanned, Halkin Energy, Halkin Export, HKK, Halkin x Partners, Halkin Safaris and Nardo.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that our competitive advantage derives from professionals working together combining the benefits of local insight and deep-rooted relationships with a global perspective.

Our diversified strategy ensures our primary objective to serve our clients interests by leveraging our global network of institutional investors and strategic partners.

We believe in the potential and prospects in Africa and maybe more importantly, with an exceptional understanding and network in Africa we aim to become a trusted partner for global investors interested in pursuing Africa’s investment opportunities.

Based on a wealth of experience that enables us to anticipate in various industries and mitigate risks associated with growth markets, and in particular Africa, such as political instability, weak regulations, currency devaluation or inflation, we have developed a pragmatic and disciplined approach to identify, assess, price, and actively mitigate risks.

We understand Africa – but we are never too proud to learn. Our relationships are built for the long-term, which can only be achieved through taking time to understand, respect and embrace local traditions and practices.