approach & EXPERTISE 


1. Approach

The main objective of any design exercise executed by Halkin x Partners is to provide clients with maximum quality. In the approach to your project several key issues could be considered as important as the architecture itself.

2. Research

Halkin x Partners preferred work approach is to identify - and establish a position on - the factors involved in a particular project prior to initiating design work. Halkin x Partners believes strongly in design as a process, and approaches each condition imposed on the project as an opportunity rather than restrain. This is an attitude with which we will approach codes, regulatory agencies, costs and what is most importantly the unique challenges and requirements of any given program. When applied intelligently, all these factors can help make a project stronger. As a result, Halkin x Partners will be able to provide an innovative architecture while meeting tight budgets, rigorous design and construction schedules.

3. Collaboration

Halkin x Partners believe that for the maximum benefit of the project, and in order to ensure a successful project result, it will be important to implement a system of frequent communication of regular design and consulting workshops. During the 1st phase of research, Halkin x Partners would suggest to organize the first workshop, including the visit to the site and have a meeting to define the further process of the project. In this phase, we will define the guidelines for the Design Brief and will establish a clear conceptual framework for the project.


4. Preparation 

Developing Project Objectives, including Quality Objectives and Project Outcomes, Sustainability Aspirations, Project Budget, other parameters or constraints and develop Initial Project Brief. Undertake Feasibility Studies and review of Site Information.

5. Technical Design

Prepare Technical Design in accordance with Design Responsibility Matrix and Project Strategies to include all architectural, structural and building services, information, specialist subcontractor design and specifications, in accordance with Design Program.

 6. Design

Prepare Developed Design, including coordinated and updated proposals for structural design, building services, systems, outline specifications, Cost Information and Project Strategies in accordance with Design Program.


7. Construction

Off-site manufacturing and on-site Construction in accordance with Construction Program and resolution of Design Queries from sight as they arise.

8. Concept Design

Prepare Concept Design, including outline proposals for structural design, building services, systems, outline specifications and preliminary Cost Information along with relevant Project Strategies in accordance with Design Program. Agree alterations to brief and issue Final Project Brief.

9. Handover

Handover of building and conclusion of Building Contract. 



Halkin x Partners experts in strategic practice areas create, design solutions that bring great value to our clients. Our ability to connect planning and design services across market sectors in every part of the world allows us to see the “big picture” and help clients innovate.


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