HKK develops buildings that are safe, striking, efficient and able to stand the test of time. Our building consultancy presents a breadth, depth and caliber of technical expertise that ranks among the best in the industry. The unrivaled combination of skills, resources and experience offered by our building consultants across every facet of the buildings spectrum means we always meet project demands with knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and vision. We deliver consistently to all our clients, and our success is measured by their satisfaction.

Engineering involves striking a balance between science and art and it is the harmony between the technological and artistic aspects that helps inform our approach. We collaborate with architects and developers from the earliest phases of a project, providing leading edge solutions to help realize their imaginative and ambitious aspirations. We are committed to improving whole-life financial, environmental and social performance of built environments that combine comfort, function and beauty, all while remaining efficient and future-proof.

The fast-moving nature of sustainability means that there are constantly changing technology, financial and policy issues which offer new opportunities for clients in their search for the right sustainability solution. We have exceptional capabilities when it comes to transferring policy and knowledge across borders and nations. Our building consultancy expertise is sought to influence all developments – from single buildings to whole communities and cities, globally. By drawing on our expansive knowledge, technological capability and integrated approach, we provide solutions that optimize all elements of the form and function of any building.




Halkin Group’s HKK is one of the world’s most experienced aviation consultancies providing aviation advisory services to governments, civil aviation authorities, airport companies, equity investors and providers of debt finance. We have provided project finance, technical, business planning and transaction advice .

Our team has collectively over 15 years experience, offering the following services. Technical advisory and traffic forecasting; Airline advisory services; Airport planning and development strategies; Operational concept, critical systems and IT; Design and capital delivery; Project and programme management; Sustainability and environmental management; Asset management, operations and maintenance

Our aviation consultants have undertaken projects for over 4 governments, 4 airports, and 2 airlines – hence we have a deep understanding of the aviation industry from all viewpoints. This enables us to ensure that aviation projects are delivered to the highest standard of quality and safety while managing the critical risks of aviation investment.



We have gained a leading position as a professional technical consultant to public sector bodies, financiers, developers, constructors and operators for the development and enhancement of educational facilities.

Our educational experts bring benefits by providing the expertise and services that enable us to concentrate on the primary objective of a primary or secondary school facility – pupils’ learning.

By combining knowledge of key issues in the education sector with technical skills and in-depth understanding of strategic initiatives, we provide a holistic service embracing education consultancy and management, project procurement and management, technical advisory, design, delivery, construction economics and risk management.

We collaborate closely with architects from the earliest stages of a project to provide building services and engineering, incorporating energy efficient features and structural solutions to facilitate construction and give future flexibility. We can provide innovative design for all types of academic facilities including libraries, laboratories, lecture halls and campus zones.

Our ability to interpret sustainability policy – which we’ve often helped shape – means we can see the big picture and cut through issues to deliver the right planning solutions. And our informed approach means we can respond to mechanical and electrical solutions that match or exceed the stakeholders’ sustainability aspirations.



Our building experts have supported private and public healthcare organizations around the world, and have contributed to a broad range of healthcare projects. 

Rapid changes in medical technology and patient care continue to create changes in healthcare provision. Meanwhile, societies face major challenges such as growing populations. Our experience is grounded in knowledge of healthcare and the experience of our staff, many of whom have worked in the healthcare sector. We understand the burning issues facing healthcare providers and offer long lasting solutions to build or enhance healthcare facilities, making them efficient in operation.

Working with clients from the early stages of a project, we examine and score whole life performance and costs and impacts – taking a long term view of sustainability and highlighting potential cost, environmental or social benefits. Our approach to innovation enables us to improve performance – from initial concepts to the development of technical solutions, project finance, management systems and procurement, to project completion, operation and maintenance.


Commercial & civic 

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Our building consultancy delivers tailor-made solutions to develop buildings that are efficient, elegant and sustainable.

We engage building users and the wider community to meet their long term needs and aspirations. We also apply leading expertise and experience to deliver high levels of technical and commercial performance.

We achieve a balance between minimizing floor to ceiling heights to maximize return on investment and the desirability of higher ceilings when letting space. We also consider energy, carbon, occupational health and safety and user flexibility.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are fundamental aspects of our work. Our building consultancy has developed industry-leading tools to model natural and artificial lighting, ventilation, energy, materials, construction scheduling, CO2, dust and water. Our teams bring key skills to design innovative systems for curtain walls, atrium spaces and skylight structures.

We have an excellent track record in green building design, helping clients push forward BREEAM, LEED, Green Star and Green Mark standards in a cost effective way.

Residential & hotels


Our building consultancy has a proven track record in developing innovative and sustainable solutions for residential, hotel and mixed-use buildings that perform to expectations. We assist clients in enhancing efficiency, comfort and safety to meet occupiers’ needs while maximising return on investments.

Our multidisciplinary capability means we can cover any aspect and every phase of a building’s development. It is essential that buildings are designed to achieve the optimum solution for the markets they are aimed at. The construction schedule is also crucial as a developer needs certainty that the project can be delivered within a specific time frame. We collaborate closely with project teams from the earliest stages to ensure projects are delivered on or under schedule and budget.

Our building consultancy is highly skilled in new build high rise developments and complex residential tower refurbishments – we’ve been called in to devise solutions for adding extra floors to existing structures for example, an immense design challenge.


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Designing a successful shopping center involves not only drawing people in, but also providing the ideal layout in a comfortable, enjoyable environment which encourages visitors to stay and spend.

Our building consultancy helps clients control noise, reverberation and vibration to enhance user comfort and building performance. We understand the influences lighting has on shopping behavior and our lighting experts are advancing technology to develop ever-imaginative uses for design – for instance, illuminating ceilings for dramatic effect.

Our building consultancy has a dedicated team of environmental ergonomist who consider people’s needs and behaviors in a building. And our fire engineers provide strategies to tackle the reaction of buildings and people to fire, enabling safe evacuation.

Our ability to interpret sustainability policy, which we’ve often helped shape, means we see the big picture and cut through issues to deliver the right planning solutions. And our informed approach means we can respond to mechanical and electrical solutions that match or even exceed the stakeholders’ sustainability aspirations.

Our commissions extend from feasibility studies and tender designs through to detailed design and construction supervision. Our experience in new developments and refurbishment, with the wealth of disciplines, we cover, enables us to provide a comprehensive service.


Sports and events


The solutions we provide are flexible and not restricted by a one-event approach. Our building consultancy accommodates variable fields of play for multi-sports and overlay for events, exhibitions, concerts and conferences.

Our building consultants offer world-class expertise with technical skills covering all aspects of stadia development – from architecturally-ambitious steel structures to expert knowledge of the issues surrounding bowl design and dynamic response.

A bowl structure's arrangement is heavily influenced by the structural solution for the roof, but primarily derived to maximize viewing quality. Our designs, support form and function, considering efficiency, risks and potential program constraints. We ensure that the bowl's response to dynamic excitation, particularly in concert mode, meets strict standards of comfort.

Other key design aspects we’ve supported clients with include public safety, sight lines, pitch health, environmental impact, long span structures, service loads and impact on infrastructure, power systems, communications, water supply plus peaks in demand. For retractable roofs, a key issue involves integrating the moving roof system with respect to moving loads, emergency stop, unforeseen obstruction, and roof deflections. We've developed solutions to moving lower tiers to accommodate stage cut outs or to vary the size of the field of play.

Effective, sustainable design is clearly paramount to providing optimum financial and environmental performance. Effective reduction of resource use can only be achieved through investigating all alternatives and by undertaking associated life cycle costing analysis to determine where spending will result in the best return on investment. We have experts in whole-life costing enabling us to provide sustainable solutions.


Transport buildings


With a track record in the transport sector spanning over a century, we are ideally positioned to design, construct, commission, upgrade and maintain transport buildings.

Our services cover accessibility, passenger ergonomics and operator efficiency, whole life performance of single use and multi-modal stations, terminals and interchanges and maintenance depots.

We’ve helped clients worldwide deliver many vital transport links and buildings. Our multidisciplinary expertise in all areas of transport helps inform building design. And our industry-leading tools enable rigorous comparison of different design options. Whatever the project type or size, our experienced teams provide world-class quality, combining architectural and engineering excellence with user needs and higher enjoyment. Because transport, buildings involve the movement of large groups of people in potentially high risk areas, we help clients ensure that they are safe in operation, robust and user-friendly. Sustainability is also fundamental: we also work with clients at the earliest stages to improve the whole life financial, environmental and social performance.