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Halkin Group established in 2017 to manage assets in Aerospace, Infrastructure, Architecture & Design, Energy and Travel. Halkin Group developed interests in new areas of business. At this stage the original complex structure of the company’s ownership turned into an obstacle to achieving the main goals set by the Company, which included improving competitiveness and increasing Halkin Group's business value.

In 2018 Halkin Group decided to implement a program of corporate restructuring and integrate the assets in particular industries into sectoral holdings. The new business structure helps to reach potential synergies in each industry sector and makes Halkin Group more understandable and transparent for all stakeholders: shareholders, investors, employees, partners, customers, local communities and the government.

These actions will build a structure that meets international business standards.

Halkin Group Structure

Key Assets

1. The structure is presented as of 1 August 2017.
2. The structure includes the companies owned by Halkin Group (directly or indirectly) at 50% or more.

Halkin Group Holdings

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