Halkin Unmanned designs, manufacturers and operates unmanned aerial systems. Our flagship product is Halkin UAV is a multi-system unmanned aerial vehicle built for Africa, Asia and South American environments.

Halkin UAV is the world first multifunctional drone that enables the user to have delivery, surveillance and mapping in one unmanned drone.  

Technology is transforming how humans and machines work together. That’s why Halkin Group is investing and developing unmanned systems that serve as a capability multiplier.

We recognize that the question isn’t just about who’s the best person for the job—it’s about what’s the best solution for the mission. 

Halkin Unmanned technologies enable our systems to go farther, operate longer and succeed in harsh or dangerous conditions. Within these systems are elements that make them smart – and ultimately help users make intelligent decisions.


Halkin UAV

Halkin UAV's multi-role capabilities enable solutions to problems that were unimagable 

Available individually or operating in teams, the unique aircraft platform is partnered with cutting – edge equipment to provide users with exceptional flexibility of use and application.  The fixed-wing format provides extremely high reliability and speed, as well as high payload capacity and endurance.

The systems couple the latest advances in electronic processing, miniaturisation, communications and flight control, with proven, robust and rugged technology, to create a simple format, to provide next-generation reliability and flexibility, at break-through low cost.

Although Halkin UAV systems are available for purchase, along with the necessary training, we also provide a complete suite of turnkey solutions.  These services are ideal for customers who want to benefit from the advantages of UAV systems, including low capital and operating costs, but without the associated ownership and management issues.  This will allow you to focus on your core activities, leaving us to conduct all UAV operations and presenting you the results or outcomes you require.  Simple, easy, fast.


rail Launcher

The launcher is portable and can be assembled rapidly.

The launcher is portable and can be assembled rapidly.

The Drone Aircraft

The UAV can land on unprepared field or ground. No expensive runways or roads required.

The UAV can land on unprepared field or ground. No expensive runways or roads required.

Mobile  Base 

Ground Moblie Base

Ground Moblie Base


KEy features

Halkin UAV capabilities are reconfigurable in the field to suit a specific mission requirement. We have listed some of our capabilities. 



  • High definition camera with 30x optical zoom with stabilization

  • Remotely controllable directable camera

  • Live video feed with screens at control base

  • 8 hours + endurance per flight


  • 15kg Payload Capacity

  • Delivery via Air Deployed Parachute

  • 800km Delivery Range


  • High Speed 2D & 3D Mapping

  • Photographic and LIDAR

  • Autopilot mapping



  • Maritime Patrol - Oil Smuggling/Theft

  • Maritime Patrol - Fisheries Protection

  • Maritime Patrol - Border Protection/ Intelligence Gathering

  • Anti-Terrorism Intelligence

  • Pipeline Patrol

  • Border Patrol

  • Mission Planning

  • Delivery Of Emergency Supplies


  • Live View Of Area

  • Intelligence Gathering

  • Area Surveillance

  • Data Collection (Population Survey)

  • Delivery of Emergency Supplies

  • Delivery of Medicines To Remote Communities



  • Monitor Topography with high resolution camera and visible wavelength images and multispectral imaging

  • Rapid creation of Maps for monitoring and planning

  • Data Collection

  • Disaster Management

  • Survey for 2D & 3D Techniques for Linear Infrastructure Projects including Pipelines, Railway and Roads


  • High resolution video with night vision to Monitor key infrastructure projects

  • Survey for 2D & 3D Techniques for Linear Infrastructure Projects including Pipelines, Railway and Roads

  • High speed delivery



Communication between the Halkin UAV and the control base is ONLY via direct radio communications - No satellite communications, No cellphone communications. By not relying on ANY other external infrastructure. The long range is possible because of the cutting-edge UK designed electronics, and is used for the telemetry (aircraft instructions and data) and the live video images. Communications are encrypted for additional security.


The Halkin UAV construction makes extensive use of carbon fiber composite materials. This has the consequential effect of reducing the aircraft’s radar cross section.


The Halkin UAV system optimized for the local environment of low/middle income countries, with variable weather conditions and low infrastructure support. The system will fly in hot and dusty conditions, as well as high winds and rain (including rainy season).


The aircraft uses standard automotive gasoline (95RON), NOT Aviation Fuel. This gives exceptional flexibility of operation and deployment as the fuel does not need to be specially purchased or stored as it can be found on any car garage forecourt.



Maintenance and operations are conducted by trained operators. The system does not need expensive Aviation Engineers. This reduces reliance on external support, providing increased sovereignty and control.


Training is conducted in the customer’s home country, to high standards. This allows users to independently operate and maintain (field maintenance) the system with minimal reliance on external support. External support is available for extended servicing, certification and ‘train the trainer’ programs.


The system is designed to be SIMPLE to operate, with extensive safety backup systems. This reduces the required level of skill and expertise of the operators. For example, the system will automatically return to base and land if it calculates it will run out of fuel.


The system is designed and manufactured in the UK.