HKK one of the Africa’s most experienced aviation consultancies providing aviation advisory services to governments, civil aviation authorities, airport companies, equity investors and providers of debt finance. With airports under increasing demand for profitable and sustainable operations and improved safety and security, HKK is positioned to be the consultant of choice. Playing a major role in airport development worldwide, we bring a wealth of design expertise, practical experience, and management skills to meet the specialized demands of the aviation industry.

Our clients range from airports, airline operators/owners, maintenance, repair organizations (MROs), and freight forwarders to the aerospace sector and federal agencies. HKK offers technical expertise for a broad range of airside and landside facilities/infrastructure and systems.

We offer the following expertise to our clients. Technical advisory and traffic forecasting, Airline advisory services, Airport planning and development strategies, Operational concept, critical systems and IT, Design and capital delivery, Project and program management, Sustainability and environmental management, Asset management, Operations and maintenance


Environmental management

Our multidisciplinary project teams of environmental, professional, and social scientists fully understand the environmental issues that arise on airport projects around the world.

We can provide environmental management plans for airport operators, lenders, and contractors and advise on environmental risks and liabilities as part of due diligence. We have extensive experience in working with the Equator Principles and ensure compliance for environmental impact assessments and management plans.

We offer clients an extensive service range including: Ecology,Environmental impact assessments, Landscape architecture, Climate change studies, Conversation and biodiversity enhancement, Pollution monitoring and remediation, Carbon foot printing, Designs to BREEAM and LEED standards.

Asset management

We combine our multidisciplinary skills of infrastructure planning, design, rehabilitation and maintenance with global experience in project management, funding, and finance to provide truly first-class service


Design and capital delivery

HKK has an expanding rack record in auxiliary airport building design. Our aviation consultants develop leading solutions that enhance quality and meet the highest standards of user comfort and safety – all while keeping a sharp focus on economy, buildability, functionality and sustainability.

Our aviation consultants develop leading solutions that enhance quality and meet the highest standards of user comfort and safety – all while keeping a sharp focus on economy, buildability, functionality, and sustainability.


Building design

We use the latest modelling software to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the design process. Our CAST terminal airport, simulation software models highly realistic passenger behavior and provides instantaneous analysis and 3D visualization.We employ building information modelling (BIM) on our airport projects. BIM is a coordinated set of processes, supported by technology, that adds value by creating, managing, and sharing the properties of an asset through its life cycle.


Capital delivery

Our capital delivery team is fully integrated with our design and planning disciplines to ensure that they deliver sound financial information on which investment decisions can be made.We understand the strategic risks a company faces when delivering capital investment programs. We can provide advice at the early stages of airport master planning through the design process to assist in risk mitigation.


Tunnels & pavements

Our engineering expertise covers development, coordination, and design of all substructures related to an airport development; Basements, Underground access and service tunnels, Taxiway bridges, Track transit and baggage systems, Mechanical and electrical services, Airfield pavements. We offer the full range of airfield pavement design, structural and geometric, and pavement assessment services. We are fully versed in all major pavement design methods and have applied these to deliver cost-effective pavement and overlays.


Leading-edge expertise

The HKK's multinational aviation team can draw from invaluable direct industry experience, including senior airline management roles. This proven track record has allowed us to undertake many successful airline assignments globally.



Our skills have been employed to support a varied portfolio of airline projects across the world:

  • Airline strategy and industry affairs, including regulation, policy matters, mergers, acquisitions, and business modeling

  • Commercial and sales, including strategic, market planning, positioning, alliances and code shares, pricing, revenue management, sales, and marketing strategies

  • Financial and legal, including budgeting, cost, revenue diagnostics and expert witness in aviation matters

  • Business and route planning, including passenger and cargo demand forecasting, aircraft performance, route evaluation, slot management, fleet planning, and maintenance

  • Customer services including research, insight, customer relations, and consumer protection

  • Operations, including performance monitoring, optimization, startup, benchmarking, and technology implementation

  • Environmental/social and other areas, such as feasibility assessments, aviation conference speaking, and industry lobbying.


Our expertise ranges from aerospace assessment and safeguarding to the design of airfield systems. We advise airports, developers, and planners on the constraints they may need to overcome when proposing development in the vicinity of an airport. We provide safeguarding maps, advice on public safety zones, and auditing of airport safeguarding teams.


We help owners and operators to achieve strategic objectives and add long-term value by optimising performance. We plan investment and maintenance so assets are always in appropriate condition and operate to the highest efficiency standards. Our capability covers terminal buildings, aircraft, baggage handling, ICT, refuelling and apron guidance systems, apron floodlighting and aircraft parking area design.


Planning and development strategy

Our aviation experts provide master planning services for airports worldwide, informed by a thorough knowledge of all global and local aviation standards and regulations. We offer a broad range of services to help clients determine their strategic intent.We can help aviation business of all types, both airlines and airports plan, establish and implement strategies to help achieve their corporate and development goals. Our master planning work embraces small and large airports, new greenfield developments, and capacity expansion of highly constrained existing facilities.


Terminal facilities 

Our facilities planning services minimize risks against changes in market conditions, enabling space to be used as required to meet short- and longer-term needs. To safeguard and maximize the operational life we allow for cost-effective expansion of the terminal buildings while considering access and development opportunities. We also supply risk assessment, emergency planning, construction planning and value engineering services.


We have provided business cases supporting airport privatization, concession expansion and investment opportunities for airport, airlines, and private investors. We provide financial, operational, commercial, environmental and technical expertise. Our services include: Reviewing existing airport infrastructure, Evaluating economic and environmental situations, Producing detailed forecasting models.

Surface access

We understand the demand, capacity, and environmental issues concerning surface and subsurface access. We use multimodal transport modelling to plan and implement efficient and forward looking systems that can increase efficiencies and minimise impact.One of our key strengths lies in large-scale integrated airport infrastructure development encompassing all airport surface access projects including road and rail systems.