Halkin Group serves both public and private clients across Africa with comprehensive services for highways and bridges. Our services cover the full range of engineering disciplines from planning and design to program management, construction management, operations, and asset management. We also offer advanced visualisation capabilities.

Our expertise, innovation, and creative approach to solving highway and bridge design problems has produced award-winning roads and bridges and built a reputation for customer satisfaction, shown by the overwhelming majority of design commissions we receive from past clients. As the demand for highway and bridge infrastructure increases, Halkin Group is ready to help our clients with comprehensive civil, structural, and transportation engineering skills.

Halkin Group offers completely integrated consulting services that cover all phases of new and existing projects, from planning through design to construction. Emphasising function, sustainability, and environmental sensitivity, we tailor our services to each project, helping our clients manage risk, control project budgets, meet critical milestones, and achieve their expectation for the completed project.

As part of our turnkey solutions, we offer all this:

  • Civil and related services
  • Construction support
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Inspection, rehabilitation, and reconstruction
  • Planning and design
  • Project delivery
  • Traffic engineering
  • Widening and safety improvements



The structural condition and functionality of bridges are a significant part of the transportation network for Africa. Every project needs to be technically and aesthetically correct, durable, economical, and the most sustainable solution for a given location. Halkin Group provides services to meet each client’s unique needs for the design and construction of new or rehabilitated bridge structures. These include bridges for highway, rail, land, and water crossings using materials including wood, concrete, steel, and composite and hybrid materials. As infrastructure continues to mature, Halkin Group performs much-needed condition surveys, inspections, and structural analyses. Our contribution to general repair and renovation, seismic retrofit, management systems, and maintenance measures extends the life of these valuable facilities. Our engineers have designed and managed the rehabilitation and reconstruction of all types of structures, from long-span suspension to small and medium-sized bridges in urban and remote areas. Our expertise covers taxiways, runways, and vehicular, railroad, pedestrian, movable, temporary, suspension, cable-stayed, extrados, arch, truss, girder, box girder, and segmental bridges.



Efficient, safe, and reliable highway infrastructure is absolutely vital to a country's well-being. Our highway consultants combine technical and business expertise to deliver innovative solutions that meet client challenges and the diverse transport needs of communities. For strategic road authorities and local authorities, the road network is the most valuable community asset under their control. However, the management of these valuable assets is not receiving the attention it needs.

Through our highway services contracts, we're providing the management, maintenance and improvement of highway networks adopting an asset management approach aligned to the principles of PAS 55. This uses a life-cycle approach to treatment selection, using early intervention solutions to maximise use of maintenance budgets.

Our aim is to add value for our clients at every stage of project development. This includes the adoption of "lean" principles throughout the project life cycle, active risk management, and control, while transferring the knowledge and best practice we've acquired from working on a diverse range of projects worldwide.

Our people are motivated, well trained, and experienced across all transport sectors. We actively help infrastructure owners and operators achieve their strategic objectives, by adding long-term value and optimizing performance.

Our portfolio features many long-standing commissions, proving the benefits of improved service, underpinned by practical operational and maintenance experience.

Our teams provide clients not only with financial benefits but with innovative, sustainable, and safe solutions.

PPP advisory 


We're one of the leading providers of technical advisory services for PPP/P3 highway projects worldwide, serving the public sector, investors, and bidders/concessionaires.

Halkin Group has built an enviable reputation for meeting the customised needs of government, lenders, developers, constructors, operators, insurers, and public sector bodies on roads infrastructure, whatever the procurement route: public-private partnership (P3), private finance initiatives (PFI), design-build-finance-operate (DBFO), full privatisation, or asset transfer.

Our reputation owes much to our insight into environmental, financial, social, and technological issues. Our sound commercial acumen has been fine-tuned by experience in planning, managing, and delivering highways development globally.

As a result, we can combine strategic analysis with total technical capability. We can begin adding value from the very start. And because we’re fully independent, clients are guaranteed impartial, professional advice.

Our experts undertake exemplary due diligence activities on new-build, maintenance, or refinancing of existing roads, providing advice to project financiers on all technical, environmental, and commercial risks. We also advise concessionaires on risk assessment, value engineering, and operation and maintenance.