HKK oil and gas consultancy delivers optimal engineering solutions to the oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors globally. We closely integrate with our clients by understanding their specific challenges and needs. As long-term partners, we are often reappointed by our clients in the safe and timely implementation of fast-track projects. Our full range of services spans from concept to commissioning, including advisory and feasibility studies. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists works across a network of 4 offices around the world as a single team sharing knowledge, processes and best practices through our internal information network accessible 24/7. Our highly experienced engineers, all with a proven track record of major oil and gas projects, offer flexibility and reliability often exceeding our client’s expectations. All our offices benefit from the most modern technologies and the latest engineering software to deliver state-of-the-art engineering solutions.


  • Advisory

  • Owner's technical services

  • Front end engineering

  • Project management consulting

  • Detailed design

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM)

  • Project control management

  • Selective engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC)

  • Safety and quality without compromise

  • Safety is an area where Halkin Group aims to excel, as testified by the many safety accolades regularly awarded by our clients.



Whether for small or large scale projects, onshore and offshore, we help our clients overcome their challenges in the most culturally and geographically diverse environments. Sectors where we specialize include these:

  • CNG

  • LPG

  • Downstream Gas

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery;

  • Unconventional Oil and Gas

  • Offshore and onshore upstream

  • Storage and terminal

  • Pipelines

  • Petrochemicals and chemicals

  • Refineries

  • LNG




Our worldwide technical expertise, practical experience, and technological resources, combined with our comprehensive and innovative services, provide a fully integrated approach to meeting our clients' various and challenging needs.


HKK provides a full range of services from project conception to completion in the following disciplines: Engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM); Program/project management and controls; Project planning; Engineering and design; Hydraulic modeling; Mapping, drafting, and GIS; Surveying; Environmental/permitting; Right-of-way; Procurement; Construction management and inspection; Information/document/data management; Asset management/work management solutions

Trenchless technology


Trenchless technologies offer tremendous advantages to constructing and rehabilitating water, wastewater, and industrial infrastructure. Often, Trenchless solutions are the only solutions to constructing new pipelines in environmentally sensitive areas or in areas not amenable to traditional open-cut construction practices.

Trenchless installations can include constructing pipelines beneath runways, railways, transportation corridors, water bodies, shorelines, and congested areas. Trenchless rehabilitation technologies offers solutions to restore the functional use of pipeline systems and extend the life expectancy of existing systems.

Halkin Group's approach derives from a proven foundation. We evaluate the individual challenges of a project, understand the client’s need and constraints, and effectively develop a solution that best manages the client’s risks.

Whether it’s a highway tunnel or a gas pipeline installed with horizontal directional drilling (HDD), our ability to evaluate and compare alternative solutions helps us deliver successful projects for our clients. We offer a track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions, big or small.

Our expertise in Trenchless technology includes applications in new infrastructure, water infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure, and industrial infrastructure.



In the pipeline industry, accuracy and responsiveness are keys to successful project implementation. The solution is the utilization of real-time data management to enhance the flow of information within the project team.

With experts in all aspects of collecting, processing, integrating, and communicating geographic data, our survey team offers the full suite of surveying capabilities to provide a competitive advantage for any project.

Using the latest field and office technological advances, our survey teams are leaders in the industry and able to meet the challenge of any type or size project. Survey team leads are supported by experienced field crews who compile data into a usable tool that can be utilized throughout the duration of your project.

Survey services include the following: Data collection/management; GPS; Design mapping; Easements; Laser scanning; Legal descriptions; CAD and GIS integration; Certified pipe location; Preliminary survey/alignment; Topographic surveys and profiles; Land surveys; ALTA surveys; Facility site surveys; Construction layout; Condition surveys; As-built surveys


Engineering & design


The engineering and design challenges of pipeline projects are unforgiving. It's essential to get the job done accurately, on schedule, and on budget.

 We carefully evaluate each project and assemble a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff with extensive experience to meet each project’s specific requirements. This expertise enables us to quickly identify and properly address project issues as they arise. Each team is carefully selected to work closely with our clients to ensure that each project is completed successfully.

Engineering and design services include the following: Feasibility and due diligence studies; Hydrostatic test design; Stormwater management and erosion/sediment control designs; Field engineering and design; Electrical, instrumentation, and controls; Power requirements; Water supply; SCADA and automation

Asset management


Optimizing asset utilization in the pipeline industry requires deep pipeline experience, advanced IT technologies, and the services of professional programmers.

HKK experienced team and advanced technologies can help you make the optimal use of your assets. Our investment in industry-leading tools yields significant benefits. Our resources are available to assist all phases of the asset life cycle, from initial system planning/acquisition through operations and maintenance. As a client, you enjoy significant risk reduction as a result of improved safety, cost control, system reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Data management solutions

Data management, including its collection, organization, access and analysis, is essential to today’s pipeline asset management programs. HKK offers a full range of services and tools to address these critical needs.

Industry-leading technologies from ESRI, Smallworld, Google, and other vendors are configured to fit your particular needs. Our Fieldbook enterprise solutions suite offers unmatched customized capabilities through all phases of your project or system.



Done right, land management and right-of-way issues, promote the cooperation of public and private landowners. This can be critical to the success of new pipeline and facility projects, and subsequent operation and maintenance.

From initial feasibility stages through the completion of construction, Halkin Group provides all aspects of land and right-of-way consulting services to our clients. Halkin Group is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions for every land management need.

Using a comprehensive, client-focused team approach, our right-of-way team identifies the unique and particular needs and objectives of each project. We deliver data and services that help reduce project costs, timeframes, and personnel requirements.

You can expect professional service that meets your expectations and the objectives of your project.

Right-of-way services include the following: Right-of-way management; Database/document management; Route, workspace and access selection; Feasibility studies, Landowner identification and research, Survey permission, Public relations and outreach programs, Title research and procurement, Zoning analysis, Real property valuation studies and appraisal coordination, Right-of-way acquisition and damages, Land acquisition and negotiations, Condemnation support, Damage claim settlement.

Mapping and drafting


Accurate, flexible mapping and drafting is a critical component of a successful project. Visualizing a project more clearly can enable insights that yield innovative approaches and savings in time and money.

Halkin Group offers a full suite of mapping and drafting services. Our long-term focus on bridging the gap between CAD and GIS affords us the flexibility needed to keep today’s projects moving forward.

We use a proprietary database to manage centralized data and maintain data integrity. This also allows us to run real-time online mapping known as Fieldbook. Our online mapping capabilities are available on mobile platforms that permit real-time map updates in the field.

Our services include the following:

CAD-based services

  • Aerial alignment sheets

  • Land is platted and condemnation plats

  • Road crossings

  • HDD plan and profiles

  • Permit drawings

  • Full bid and construction packages

  • Full mechanical design packages

  • Full electrical design package

  • Full site design packages

GIS-based services

  • Regulatory filings: mapping and data management

  • Natural resource mapping

  • Linear map books

  • Presentation mapping

  • Online mapping

Project management


The quality of project management can spell success or failure for a pipeline project. Successful project management requires expertise in every aspect of the business, plus the big-picture perspective that enables you to weigh priorities and set goals.

HKK “project team” approach allows us to meet your project’s specific needs by drawing on specialists in visualization, data analysis, mapping, surveying, microtunneling, HDD, permitting issues, and more.

With numerous offices and a diversified staff with pertinent experience, HKK can mobilize our resources quickly and effectively for all project types. Our internal communication systems also allow seamless collaboration between offices so that our team can operate at peak efficiency.

No surprises

Halkin  has a “no surprises” philosophy with regard to our project approach. We emphasize the following as critical elements in every project we implement:

Our program management services include the following:

  • Contract administration

  • Financial management

  • Project organization and planning

  • Cost control

  • Cost estimating

  • Budgeting

  • Schedule control

  • Document management/control

  • Feasibility studies

  • Risk management

  • Quality assurance/quality control

  • Reporting

  • Safety and ethics

  • Quality and accurate deliverables

  • Project planning and coordination

  • Proactive communication

  • Commitment of resources