RAILWAY & Transit 


We have experts in railway systems, rolling stock, rail operations, asset management and infrastructure upgrade and renewal; many of whom have previously worked for infrastructure controllers, operators, manufacturers or contractors. We understand the vital need for robust systems integration and assurance and can address these.

Examples of our services includes: alignment, trackform, train control, signalling, telecommunications, rolling stock, operations, safety assurance systems, mechanical and electrical systems, traction power, overhead line, human factors and ergonomics, RAMS, fire engineering, tunnels, bridges, earthworks, stations, intermodal depots, materials handling and freight yards.

We also specialise in applying advanced simulation techniques – using software designed in-house through our research and development programme – to develop solutions relating to passenger movement and fire and smoke behaviour, underground ventilation, train aerodynamics and traction power optimisation. To suit customer requirements we can also provide selective advisory, planning, expert witness and engineering services at any stage of a project’s development.

We understand the criticality of system safety in railway projects and have detailed arrangements in place to ensure that we comprehensively address all client and industry requirements at all stages in a project’s development.

We also offer our customers full detailed design to support design and build schemes and project and programme management services covering all the elements of railway systems and infrastructure as a whole – all geared towards helping customers provide their users with a comfortable, reliable, safe and efficient service operation.


Freight rail


Halkin Group’s rail team serves national and local governments, transport operators, industry, mining houses, utility providers, developers, contractors, commercial companies, banks, funding agencies and non-governmental organisations. We stay closely attuned to all our customers’ varying needs and aspirations, working in partnership to turn their ideas into reality through innovative and sustainable solutions.

We provide comprehensive consultancy services covering every facet of transport and civil engineering through the project and systems lifecycle, from concept to commissioning. Our portfolio of work has seen us involved in every phase of development on projects ranging from multi-modal transport logistics solutions through to heavy haul freight infrastructure projects.

We provide clients with all aspects of heavy haul rail capability from concept through to commissioning. Our extensive experience spans development of all facets of rail freight engineering, from multi-modal networks and terminals through to the design of new-build dedicated rail freight networks.

Within our global transport business we have a wealth of experienced and skilled professionals from which we can mobilise multidisciplinary teams tailored to providing a total service. From engineering to project management; from individual consultancy commissions to a complete project; from a single inspection report to major new transport schemes; including concept, pre-feasibility, feasibility, detail design, procurement, construction supervisions and commissioning – we undertake all aspects of heavy haul engineering and management through the project and systems lifecycles.

The requirements of our clients are the focus of our attention at all times in the planning and delivery of projects. By maintaining this approach, in which no detail is too small, we have many successful and long-term client relationships.

We understand the importance of integrated design of the entire freight transport corridor from origin to destination. To achieve this objective, as part of the design process, we also manage the interfaces between the railway, materials handling facilities and port, with knowledge of the related mining operations.

To provide a holistic and robust integrated heavy haul transport solutions, we also utilise the experience of our maritime and ports teams and mining capability to provide the necessary interfaces and infrastructure to support client export and import objectives.

Metro systems


We work closely with our customers from the outset to deliver their specific policy, operational and business objectives. Our consultants have undertaken studies for both public and private sector clients to assess existing and proposed transport networks, optimising route alignments, advising on the feasibility and demand, revenue forecasting, and the economics and financing of such schemes.

We understand the interactions between transport and other facets of life. Our access to strategic land-use/transport models allows us to advise on the strategic effects of transport plans in terms of modal split and accessibility. We can model the operational effects of transport plans at a network level and their impacts on air quality, noise, vibration and other aspects of transport-related nuisance.

Metros are an everyday experience for millions of people in urban environments going about their working lives. All users, operators and passengers, should feel comfortable during their work or on their commute. Through human factors studies we can examine factors that affect performance and assess the potential impact on error and system risk.

We recognise the importance of making the travel experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. Accordingly, much attention is given to such features as the architecture and retail facilities at stations, the ease of ticketing, effective and up-to-date communications on train arrivals, including information on connections.

We have a proven track record in managing human factors issues from the beginning of a project through design, implementation and operation. We incorporate all aspects of the operator’s involvement, including allocation of function between operator and equipment, display and control system design, communications facilities, work place layout, operator workload, and conditions of the working environment. Among our projects is a commission for London Underground to address the psychological factors of staff and passengers in crowded underground stations as well as the flow of passengers that could be expected through stations and facilities.



Monorail systems provide an elegant solution to elevated medium capacity urban transport at a competitive price. The features in favour of monorail systems include:

  • Low cost infrastructure
  • Elevated and dedicated ‘right of way’
  • Light to medium capacity
  • Simple station construction
  • Suitable for running in the road median
  • Ideal for windy and narrow city roads
  • Quiet operation and low vibration
  • Low impact and light weight guideway
  • Simple control systems for operations
  • Rapid construction in urban areas

Our consultants have provided a number of services on monorail projects, such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical advisory
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Construction supervision
  • Systems integration
  • Independent checking
  • Independent assessment for testing and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance

Railway operations


Our capability extends from specifying the operational requirements for new and existing railways to supporting clients with legacy and new technology systems. By taking a systems approach to the railway environment, we're able to help clients by delivering all their specific objectives, mitigating any risks and ensuring value for money is achieved.

Examples of the services we offer are:

  • Application of railway legislation
  • Operational and occupational safety
  • Franchise bidder support
  • Resource planning, budgeting and business case
  • Passenger and freight service terminal development and operation
  • Train service planning, modelling and capacity utilisation
  • Infrastructure scheme evaluation
  • Train control system
  • Rolling stock specification and utilisation
  • Train service delivery
  • Train performance analysis and audit
  • Experienced operations line management support
  • Engineering design and performance improvement

We are uniquely placed to advise on tools such as ERTMS and TMS having been commissioned to develop operating rules and training material for clients worldwide.

Our client focused approach means we ensure we meet our client’s unique needs and expectations every time.

Rail systems


We provide the full range of skills necessary for the safe, successful and reliable operation of metro and rail schemes. Applying systems engineering is crucial to selecting the best processes through all stages of a project which supports timely and cost-effective delivery.

As well as developing new systems, we help our clients modernise their existing installations to improve efficiency and capacity. Our engineers have extensive experience of top-functional, non-functional, and performance modelling and provide support in related disciplines such as reliability, availability and maintainability and human factors.

Our railway systems and safety assurance engineers provide a service that is fundamental to any rail project – to deliver an operable and maintainable system that meets its intended purpose. Systems assurance is an intrinsic part of systems engineering ensuring that the project satisfies the requirements of the safety authorities. We recommend to our clients that this process commences as early as possible in the project to minimise unnecessary design work and reduce costs.

Our railway safety assurance professionals bring experience from many industries which enhances their ability to deliver best practice. This extensive and practical experience in the preparation of a variety of safety plans means that we can identify and execute the necessary safety assurance activities for the development of a safety case.

We have extensive experience in applying safety assurance and associated key processes throughout the whole life of these complex and multidisciplinary projects.

Stations and lines


Our design experience encompasses stations on metro lines, the complications of providing interchange facilities between new and existing lines at established stations, plus the upgrading and refurbishment of existing facilities.

Each design presents its own set of challenges, whether it is coordinating with adjacent land owners, constructing in densely-populated areas, or accommodating the movement of passenger flows and maintaining train operations while improving the existing layout.

The primary function of any station is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of passengers between the public thoroughfares at ground level and the trains. Ideally, the design should be a combination of good architecture and optimal function, satisfying the needs of passengers and station operations. Halkin Group provides the full range of structural, civil, mechanical and electrical design services for projects large and small.

Station design should consider all users, the simplicity of layout and clarity of signage provides smoother passenger movement whether platforms are elevated or below ground. We review the positioning of ticket offices and retail outlets, of staff accommodation and system facilities, of stairs, escalators and ticket barriers in developing circulation routes for safe and free movement during all operating conditions. Our commissions include safety studies of ticketing arrangements of underground stations, which embraced the design, construction, maintenance and repair of the gates and ticketing machines and which included the training of staff, control centre arrangements, and the positions of machines and gates within the station concourses.