Our multidisciplinary capabilities and commitment to partnership with architects, developers and communities means we are able to help deliver imaginative, flexible and sustainable urban projects in line with government aspirations and legislation.

The services we provide cover all crucial aspects of development – from sustainable master planning through to implementation, including urban design, landscape design, risk assessment, project management, energy saving and procurement.

We have a proven track record in designing exemplary low impact urban development projects, and specializes in bringing together holistic thinking to achieve optimized engineering strategies at a master planning scale. Our in-depth understanding of buildings and infrastructure delivery enables us to guide appropriate decision making at all stages. We show our clients where the solutions lie, facilitating collaboration, partnering and stakeholder engagement.

Our project portfolio features eco-cities and inner-city regeneration schemes, mixed-use developments and multimodal transport interchanges with associated community, heritage or tourism facilities. In addition, our sustainability specialists are acting as energy and sustainability master planners for new communities.




With burgeoning growth and migration to towns and cities, many countries and governments are rethinking their growth strategies and investment requirements. Debates continue to circle around consolidation or decentralization of populations. Costs of development and infrastructure are considered not just in terms of hard currency, but also in terms of carbon costs and performance criteria. Urban development is facing a trilemma in terms of water, energy and food securities.

HKK adds value by 

  • Delivering wholly integrated engineering and environmental solutions.

  • Working with customers to ensure their visions, aspirations, project goals and ambitions are realized.

  • Creating appropriate models and using suitable tools to assist in the measurement of design, construction and operational performance requirements.

  • Providing expertise from pre-concept through to operational monitoring of all aspects of the built environment.



Delivery of utilities can be a challenge especially in built-up and urban environments. Governments are being encouraged to consider the replacement of assets, the provision of 'smart utilities' as well as the long-term operation and maintenance of these facilities in the overall context of 'sustainability of long term assets'.

At HKK, we have teams of experts who can provide, develop and deliver solutions in terms of water supply, wastewater, power generation and transmission for governments and developments around the world.

Your Challenges

  • Providing security of supply against international benchmarks or standards

  • Adopting innovative technologies for the construction and delivery of solutions

  • Embedding sustainability in design through the use of less material and resources in terms of construction as well as in the maintenance period

  • Forming a robust plan for delivery of solutions which is based on an affordable cost model

  • Delivering solutions which include carbon accounting

  • Using a one-stop-shop service which considers each situation individually while considering value which can be gained from other relevant reference cases

HKK adds value by: 

  • Considering each project on its own merits and not trying to adopt a 'one size fits all approach'

  • Considering where value can be added from previous experience gained around the world

  • Developing and refining the carbon models to suite specific situations

  • Designing and delivering costed solutions with reference to appropriate benchmarks

transport technology


HKK delivers efficient and reliable systems that offer greater connectivity and seamless access. 

Intelligent transport systems help transport authorities: Enhance mobility of people and goods; Improve safety; Increase the availability of information; Improve accessibility; Reduce environmental impact Cut congestion; Reduce journey times; Promote sustainability; Enhance transport operations; Promote smart living

We offer an end-to-end service covering the whole life cycle.
Our key services include: ITS policy and strategy development; ITS research and trials; Master planning; Design; Implementation; Monitoring; Analysis

We work across the whole ITS sector with key specialists in the following areas: Detection and access control; Automatic incident detection; Automatic number plate recognition; Control room and network operations systems; CCTV and security; Fixed and wireless communications networks; Motorway and APTR technology-design capability; Operated and post-implementation data analysi; Passenger/traveler information systems; Public address systems; Radio systems, including broadcast; Smart ticketing; Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA); Systems integration; Telecommunications; Traffic modelling; Tolling and charging systems; Tunnel control systems; Software systems development and delivery; Urban traffic management and control.